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A Walk Through the Winery at Nyaungshwe

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A Walk Through the Winery at Nyaungshwe


Starting from the town of Nyaungshwe at Inle Lake, one can reach the Red Mountain Estate in less than 30 minutes on foot. Claiming to be the best wine in the country, the French winemaker credits the cool climate and good soils. But not only the French produce wine in Myanmar. A German winemaker also discovered the Shan State for his enterprise in 1996, and ever since, the slogan “Did you know that Myanmar has become a wine producing country?” can be seen on countless bottles all over Myanmar.

A Walk Through the Winery at Nyaungshwe 2


A bit farther from Inle than the Red Mountain Estate, your travelers can find this German winemaker and his famous Ayethayar Winery.  If your travelers get too tired after a bottle or more of either red, white or rosé wine, Ayethayar offers bungalows with a stunning view over the vineyard. For visitors who wonder why there is a karaoke machine and stage in the restaurant of the vineyard, this place is frequented by locals from near and far, and besides enjoying locally produced wine, they also do not want to miss their “local” entertainment while drinking.

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