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Spring Hill Hotel and Resto Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia

October 10, 2016 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

This quaint accommodation is a great place to get off the beaten path in Flores, Indonesia.

Spring Hill Hotel - Resto Ruteng - Flores - Indonesia - Mountain

Spring Hill Hotel - Resto Ruteng - Flores - Indonesia - Mountain

This new hotel is very basic but a very nice addition to the small inventory of Ruteng hotels. Located on the outskirts of Ruteng, this quaint accommodation with its friendly staff is close to the terraced rice fields and valleys south of town. It’s a great place to get out for some bicycling or hiking.

There are just six spacious rooms with high ceilings accented by the wooden architecture. The landscaped gardens surround a large fishpond with a bridge that leads to the guest rooms. On the other side of the pond is the main entrance, reception, restaurant and children’s playground.

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