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Khiri Travel Laos is delighted to introduce some of our splendid #KhiriGuides and Destination Experts who share our common passion for discovery.

Taking a holiday in Laos and Southeast Asia immerses a traveler into a completely new environment. Different languages, customs, climate, and foods among a myriad of cultural differences can be overwhelming. While some travelers might enjoy the challenge of navigating on their own thankful for the help of friendly local English speakers, others may value the ability to communicate better with non-English speaking people. All visitors want to seek insights and information about daily life and the unique attributes and adventures that Laos has to offer.

Getting a travel guidebook is a good start for pre-travel research and for an initial orientation in a new destination. However, a travel book or online resource cannot provide your travelers with the most up to date information and responsiveness needed to make the most of their limited holiday time.

Our Guides can help maximize the benefits and minimize the difficulties of any holiday destination such as provide in depth local knowledge combined with skill in various foreign languages to facilitate cross-cultural communication and share valuable insights.

Many travelers unknowingly float from one landmark and attraction to the next while missing out on interesting, but less well known local experiences that may offer more genuine sightseeing opportunities. Our Guides get to know your travelers and their interests and can recommend where and how they can enjoy some local secrets. Also, if your clients are repeat visitors at a destination, our Guides can help them gain a completely different experience from previous visits. And for your clients who are eager to learn more about history and culture, our knowledgeable Guides can explain information and anecdotes on these themes from Laos’ turbulent past up to the present.

Khiri Travel and our partners know that catering to your traveler’s expectations is a crucial part of designing quality travel experiences for our guests. Our Guides are the ones in direct contact with your travelers, providing them with added value through expert knowledge and travel insights not obtainable by paper based guides or the Internet.

Khiri Travel Laos is delighted to introduce you to some of our splendid #KhiriGuides and Destination Experts who share our common passion for discovery:




Kamchan from northern Laos studied in the former East Germany for many years before he returned home to share his knowledge of local life and Lao culture. Mr. Kamchan happily guides families and group tours and speaks German and English fluently.







Mayoulee from Luang Prabang studied in her hometown and therefore knows every little detail about this UNESCO World Heritage destination. She loves her job guiding tourists through this historic city revealing all its hidden wonders. Her happiness is contagious and her clients provide her with splendid feedback.








Born in a remote village in northern Laos, Mr. Houmpheng moved to Vientiane to obtain higher education. He used to work as a forest ranger at Phou Khao Khouay National Park and has over fifteen years of experience in guiding tourists through all parts of his home country.







Chang from Pakse in southern Laos has worked as an English teacher and for the Culture and Tourism Ministry in the field of Ecotourism Development. His vast experience provides clients with authentic cultural experiences and village visits.






We are sure that we can provide your clients with the best guides, tailored to their individual needs. For further information and requests, please contact to [email protected]

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