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Adventure Off the Beaten Track in Laos

September 3, 2014 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

Laos, a country with extensive areas of unspoilt natural beauty, provides copious opportunities for visitors to enjoy all sorts of outdoor adventure activities. Take for example, the karst hill landscape around Vang Vieng; the mountains in the north of the country, or the meandering Mekong River to the south; all these destinations offer unlimited opportunities for the outdoor adventurer.

Kayaking is one sport that is particularly popular throughout the country. Around the ancient capital of Laung Prabang located on the confluence of Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, there are plenty of possibilities for kayakers. One option is to visit the local Pak Ou Caves by kayak instead of taking the traditional long-tail boat. Known for their hundreds of wooden Buddhist figurines, the caves offer a spectacular view of the slow-moving river and rural countryside.

In the south of the country in Si Phan Don – translated as ‘4,000 islands’ – there are endless opportunities for kayaking adventures exploring the Mekong’s riverine archipelago. As dusk falls after a long day of paddling, explorers can try to spot the endangered Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins, an exciting bonus for any kayaker visiting this river sanctuary.

Trekking is another popular way to actively explore the countryside and rugged terrain of Laos. This type of activity is ideal for facilitating encounters with the local hill tribes such as the Kamu or Hmong and learning about their cultural values and traditional way of life. Here, visitors can explore off the beaten track where bamboo bridges cross rivers and interesting trails traverse the rice fields and rubber plantations; it’s a side of Laos that is rarely encountered on ordinary treks.

Khiri Travel Laos offers a unique range of active outdoor adventures in a variety of day programmes, as well as overnights in village homestays.

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