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Adventure Sport Activity at Inle Lake

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Another sport gaining popularity in Myanmar tourism is kayaking. Khiri Travel Myanmar has introduced this soft adventure activity as an enjoyable way to explore Inle Lake, home of the Intha people, who live in several villages of modest wooden homes built on stilts above the water. Well known for their style of stand up rowing at the stern of their small fishing boats, these Intha communities are best accessed via scenic pathways through the water. Since the lake is the source of life of Intha fishing villages, a quiet paddle past their rustic homes, elevated walkways and rows of floating vegetable gardens creates a very special way to encounter the smiles of these local people. For photographers and camera enthusiasts, there are picturesque views in every direction. Your travelers can navigate their own way on their own schedule.

Inle Lake was just newly minted as Myanmar’s first listing in the world network of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in December 2015. The biosphere reserve designation protects the natural resources of the lake’s ecosystem and recognizes the unique way the Intha people have adapted their practice of aquatic agriculture to the natural environment. Kayaking on the lake combines the sport of soft adventure with a valuable cultural and environmental experience.

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After a few hours paddling a kayak around Inle Lake, the best way for your travelers to recharge their batteries is an authentic and home cooked lunch. This meal of special food derived from Inle Lake and the surrounding Shan State hills is served in one of the Intha houses, accompanied by the warm and welcoming hospitality of a local family.

For more information about tours to Shan State, Myanmar and specifically kayaking opportunities around Inle Lake, please contact to [email protected]

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