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At Night, Spot a Sri Lankan Slow Loris

February 23, 2015 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

Khiri Travel Sri Lanka is launching an amazing new tour product that will surely captivate anyone’s wildest imagination. Arguably the best biodiversity hotspot in Asia, Sri Lanka has thousands of elephants, the highest density of leopards, and a plethora of other wildlife – including the elusive and rare slow loris, an endangered primate similar to the lemurs of Madagascar. With our new equipment add-on offer of night vision goggles, Khiri Travel Sri Lanka can organize an exciting night activity in search of nocturnal animals.

While travelers aren’t able to actually go into the national parks at night for safety reasons, the nocturnal animals of the national parks don’t abide by the boundaries set by humans and roam freely through the surrounding jungle buffer zone. Travelers will be able to explore, either walking or by jeep safari, depending on where they want to go.

We will equip travelers with imported night vision goggles. This is probably the best non-warfare use for military-grade night vision goggles. The jungle safari is an incredible experience and the night vision goggles make it even more exciting. They avoid the need to shine a bright spotlight so we’re not disturbing nocturnal animals nor destroying the best chance to spot a slow loris or leopard!

Each area of the country differs in landscape and types of nocturnal animals. Please inquire about the specifics of this equipment add-on using the contact form below.


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