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Back to travel in a local and adventurous way with Bunseun

August 5, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , ,

Siem Reap, the land of Angkor Wat, is seeing new infrastructure development. They rebuilt lots of routes, kept cleaning the city, and grew more trees. The government also built a cycling route with a 2-meter-wide and 23-kilometer-long in the Angkor area.  The routes are mostly in the shades of the surrounding forest. We feel ready to welcome local tourists. I see the people in Siem Reap now. They really enjoy cycling and jogging to the temple area. But it seems that everyone is missing their clients and waiting for their clients to come back soon.


To reduce the stress, I was leading our guide team to do a very special cycling trip to the west of Siem Reap called Preah Vihear province, about 200km from Siem Reap. 10 tour guides joined the trip.

I got up at 4 am to cook rice and prepare some meat and vegetables for our barbecue. At 6 am we started cycling from our meeting point in Siem Reap.  We had a minibus to support our cycling trip. So the one who couldn’t ride the whole way could take the bike to keep in the bus and enjoy the bus aircon. I was really surprised and very proud that most of our tour guides can ride about 70km.

Half way, we found a comfortable space on the side of the road. That place was a huge mango farm and we had asked permission from the farm owner to cook the lunch barbecue that we prepared. We started cooking together. Our team was very helpful and we cheered a lot during lunch. Barbecue, beer, and JBL speakers to accommodate us during the meal. We are so happy.

I have asked my aunt-in-law who lived in Sra Em Village close to Preah Vihear temple to accommodate us for free at her house. In the evening time, we had fun together again by having a barbecue and dancing until late at night. As we considered this trip as the real adventure we considered together to do trekking at Tbeng Mean Chey mountain located at the Southwest about  35km from Preah Vihear town.

To go to the top of the mountain, we couldn’t use any vehicle so we had to hike. From the foot of the mountain to the top, there are 1,092 steps with three stops to visit. Once at the top, there are another 253 steps to reach the Tbeng, or Dombouk Khmao, pagoda. There are not many tourists visiting the mountain and no restaurants or guesthouses around. Local tourists who want to spend the night on the mountain, they mostly stay in pagoda or camping. Most people who go there want to see the views at the top and pray at the pagoda and also enjoy the waterfall there.

We are all extremely exhausted by walking up and down with thousands of steps but we have really enjoyed that we can do kind of memorable things together. They really wish to have another trip together again soon.”

For more information to experience the authentic trip, please email us at [email protected].

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