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Bagan to Mrauk U: Overland Travel Through Chin State

December 2, 2014 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

Experience the best of Myanmar’s ancient culture in two exceptional places: the heartland kingdom of Bagan and Mrauk U, the former capital of the Burmese Rakhine kings. These are truly two of the most remarkable sights to visit in Myanmar. Tour magnificent temple art and architecture from centuries old dynasties, reminders of ancient civilizations that existed in Myanmar (then Burma) long before tourism arrived.

On this seven day, cross country trip from Bagan to Mrauk U, guests travel through territory relatively undiscovered by western visitors. With very little infrastructure on which to travel, off the beaten track is the only choice. The people in the villages along this route are the Chin ethnic nationality, one of the numerous hill tribes of Myanmar largely unknown to the Western world. Chin State lies between Bagan and Rakhine State. Your clients will feel like time travelers sleeping and eating in primitive village homestays. Khiri Travel Myanmar invites guests to explore this forgotten road from Bagan to Mrauk U.

For more information about Bagan, Mrauk U in Rakhine State, the Chin people, and trekking through primitive places in Myanmar, please contact [email protected].

Photos by JP Klovstad

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