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Bali Wildlife: Bird Watching on the Beach

March 2, 2015 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

Bali often referred to as “Island of the Gods” inspires exotic images of a South Pacific island of palm-fringed beaches, green terraced hillsides and soaring volcanoes. National parks and wildlife are not normally associated with this popular tourist destination. However, for adventurous travelers, there is an amazing national park on the secluded northwest corner of the island just waiting to be discovered.

West Bali National Park is the only remaining habitat of the critically endangered Bali sterling or Bali mynah. This beautiful bird with snow white feathers and bright blue markings around the eyes is the fauna symbol of Bali. The national park, also home to the rare Java banteng, a species of wild cattle found in Southeast Asia, is the ideal location to explore an untouched side of this fabled island.

The best way to experience West Bali National Park is by staying at Nusa Bay Menjagan Resort. Located on Tanjung Kotal Bay, the resort is surrounded by the natural beauty of West Bali National Park and its extensive white sand beaches. The nearby national park’s abundant fauna are frequently seen within the resort’s grounds and on its secluded beach.

From Labuan Lalang Harbor, it is only twenty minutes by local boat to the resort. Menjangan Island, famous for its superb snorkeling and scuba diving, is just a ten-minute boat ride away from the resort’s private jetty.

For more information about Bali’s national parks, birds and other wildlife or to make a booking, please leave your contact information in the space below.


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