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Bangkok’s New Wellness Resort Offers High-end Pampering

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A new health and wellness center in Bangkok’s Chidlom area will provide guests with a state-of-art hub for health checks, rejuvenation and preventative medical treatments, writes Peter Weibel, General Manager, Khiri Travel Thailand.

Disclaimer right at the beginning: I am in love with Bangkok and one of my favorite parts starts right in the Childom area. Easily accessible on the BTS skytrain, you can take a quick walk through Central Chidlom Department Store down into Soi Somkit and you soon forget that you are in one of the world’s biggest cities. 

There is a park, ancient buildings, very classy dining venues, and just a short walk away, the more adventurous can find Klong Sen Saeb canal. Cutting its way straight through the center of Bangkok, the canal is used by a large number of Bangkokians who choose the waterway to commute to and from work. At Chidlom you can hop onto one of the canal express boats and take it to Phan Fa Lilat Bridge to visit the Golden Mount. From there it’s also possible to walk to Khaosan Road, the famous street for backpackers. 

But let’s stay at Soi Somkit and Wireless Road, for there have been some developments here. The site of the former Hilton Nai Lert Park – and more recently Swissotel Nai Lert – has been converted into a health hub. BDMS, short for Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, has bought a large part of the property and opened a wellness center that offers top notch health and wellness treatments designed for prevention and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

The facility is large and features state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the region’s best specialist doctors. BDMS, owned by the same people as Bangkok Airways, has now upgraded a large part of the former hotel and begun operations under the Mövenpick banner – the Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort. The resort’s 293 rooms have been fully renovated and the designers have overhauled the property’s vast gardens, ensuring that guests can enjoy natural, lush scenery right in the heart of the city.

The property features 95 suites and 14 of them are equipped with You Beds – apparently only found in Mövenpick properties. With these beds you can alter the firmness of the mattress, and that goes for separate sides of the same king-size bed. If one person loves to sleep on a hard mattress, the adjustment can be made with a simple remote control, while the other person can enjoy a sleep on “tailor-made softness”.

The restaurant offers a menu of healthy dishes, 70 percent of which are made with organic ingredients. Food is, as I can attest, very tasty – even if chosen from the other 30 percent!

The wellness center’s spa will open in January 2020, and this will focus more on the holistic and wellness services, while the adjacent BDSM facility will offer medical services. In addition to its extensive health and wellness facilities, the Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort is one of very few properties in Bangkok that has a real tropical garden of considerable size.

The location is also ideal. Bangkok’s notoriously congested traffic can be avoided by using either the BTS skytrain, or the canal express boat. In addition, Soi Somkit and the nearby Childom and Ploenchit areas offer a variety of classy dining venues. There is also the high-end Central Chidlom department store just around the corner with a great supermarket, an amazing food court and plenty of other dining choices.

Bangkok could well mount a strong claim for being the health and wellness capital of the world, and the arrival of the Mövenpick BDMS Wellness Resort will certainly boost that reputation. Traditional Thai healing, including the use of herbs and massage, has long been part of Bangkok’s pampering options and visitors to the city will appreciate a new modern health and wellness experience with service and style – an ideal option for a bit of pampering after an active vacation, or a great way to beat the city’s heat and dust, before heading off to begin your Thai holiday adventure!

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