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Beaches and Books in St. Andrew’s Bay

March 5, 2014 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , , ,

A day trip to St. Andrew’s Bay on the Bay of Bengal coast includes snorkeling and experiencing village life by ox cart. It is all about getting in touch with the population of a fishermen’s village where life has all but stood still. Guests depart from Ngapali Beach, and a half hour later, traveling by local fishing boat, find themselves in a traditional village called Maung Shwe Lay. Its people welcome travelers for a relaxing and fun day in beautiful St. Andrew’s Bay. We walk around the village and show visitors the local market, village school and library.

Some foreign visitors have made considerable donations to the community, like recently, when a benefactor donated USD 1000 to the library to buy new books. It was a selfless act for the benefit of the entire community, which we highly appreciate. Travelers continue on foot to see a local brick factory and take an oxcart through the village back to the beach. A small boat takes guests out in the bay for snorkeling in front of the village; there is plenty of coral and colorful fish. Travelers enjoy a seafood lunch at a local house on the beach and return back to their hotel in Ngapali around 4 pm in the afternoon.

For more information on the village library, the community and for bookings, please contact [email protected].


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