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Burma, My Father, and the Forgotten Army

February 7, 2013 by Khiri Travel |

Modern Television with the support of BBC Commissioned brought award winning comedian and actor Griff Rhys-Jones to Myanmar in January 2013. His father served as a British Officer with the West African troops based in Burma during the Second World War and he went on a personal journey to learn about the past.

With professional and around the clock support from Myanmar guides Swe and Dicky, and the Khiri office team, Asia Film Fixer was able to accomplish what at the outset of taking on the project looked impossible.

– Terry Gordon | Asia Film Fixer

In Yangon the shooting included an interview with the Myanmar historian Than Myint U, which was held inside the famous Secretariat in downtown Yangon. It’s an impressive building in colonial style where the first parliament of Burma came together after independence and where the flag of Burma (as it was called that time) was raised after independence.

Edwin Briels, our GM in Myanmar remembers how impressive it was to enter the building – his first time – during the shoot; “Being able to enter the gates of this historical building, which was absolutely off-limits for all the years that I lived in Yangon, was a moment I will not forget. The grandeur of the building, the history it breathes, and the importance for the Burmese independence are immense. It was the first time ever that a film crew was allowed to enter this building and film here. I felt very proud that Asia Film fixers and Khiri could organize this together with MMPE [Myanmar Motion Picture Enterprise]”.

The shooting itinerary was fast paced and the team called on places like Yangon, Bagan and the remote areas of Magwe state. They were the first crew to film in that region and had permission from the MMPE and the Ministry of Information.

I just saw an email from Griff saying ‘….everybody has done a marvellous job. The veterans were great, the locations are wonderful, the story gripping and the fixers and back up superb.’ So – you can’t do much better than that! He doesn’t say something is good when it isn’t!

– Inge Hanson | Modern Television

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