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Cambodia Community Health Placement – University of Newcastle AU

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On 12th January, Khiri Travel Cambodia hosted a group of nurses from the University of Newcastle (Australia). They came with a delegation of 12 students -of whom some are first year’s and second year’s and some are in the last year of university – and two lecturers. Linda Oum, Khiri Travel Cambodia deputy manager, looks back.

The group traveled to Cambodia to learn more about the country’s health industry and how it looks difference from their country. They also experienced to do health check ups for kids and adults by using their skills to fulfil their work. Obviously they were also interested to learn more about Khmer culture and visit our amazing places such as Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s coast as well as try the Cambodian food.

There were two main organizations we worked with and provided free health education and medical services to the local communities. We spent one week at the People Improvement Organization (PIO) and at the weekend our group traveled out of Phnom Penh to visit places such as Angkor Wat and Sihanoukville, Kep and Kampot. After that, we worked at Riverkids from 27 to 29 January.

People Improvement Organisation (PIO) & Riverkids

In conjunction with PIO and Riverkids, we were able to work alongside local staff to provide free health assessments and health education workshops to the community. We had a unique opportunity to listen in and assist in consultations and learn how to provide health care with limited resources, and across cultural and linguistic barriers. Prevalent health problems amongst children in the area are infected wounds, diarrhoea, tapeworm, salmonella, malnutrition, respiratory disorders and Dengue Fever. The nurses had checked 100 to 130 people a day and some of them were really sick. We reported to the school or their parents so they can take their kids to hospital.

The visits of the nurses to the different sites came including Reception & Triage, Weight & Measure, BP & TPR and Treatment, Assessment, Data Recording, Dispensary, and Crowd Control.

Soviet Friendship Hospital

The group also undertook a study tour to the Soviet Friendship Hospital. It is a large public hospital in Phnom Penh. Our group met the doctor and they showed us around. We also visited many departments in the hospital and our group was able to ask their questions about the health system in Cambodia. This study tour brought them to learn more on what differences there are between Cambodia and their country.

Direct benefits

For the Khiri Cambodia office, the trip involved a lot of studying and and research. We helped them to pick these two specific organization because they are big organizations in Cambodia and really help local people. This nurse camp has given direct benefit to the communites that they had been.

This is my first group and I have learnt a lot from this work because I didn’t just help them to arrange the tour but at the same time I had to collaborate with other organizations to set up the project. Working with this group is much challenged and helped me to know more about people coming from different places and with different skills. Especially this project has helped a lot of poor people in my community and my country.

For more information on this specific visit and suggestions for similar placement visits, please email us at [email protected].

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