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Cambodia Countryside Biking

August 27, 2012 by Khiri Travel |

In June, we shared our Strung Treng bicycle trip with you, and it was such a hit that we thought we’d share something else with you two-wheel tour lovers.

An easy ride through the Siem Reap countryside promises quiet trails through rice fields and small villages. You’ll sample delicious local snacks and stop along the way to converse with locals and learn about daily village life.

As you start out along the Siem Reap river, the tarmac slowly transitions into small dirt paths. Peddle through the scenic countryside and friendly villages where children welcome you with a wave and hello from all around.

Experience palm wine and sugar production, basket weaving, rice farming and all sorts of activity that keeps the countryside buzzing along. This half-day tour is a great way to experience authentic Cambodia in a short period of time — and burn off some of those sticky rice calories while you’re at it!

For more information and bookings, please contact [email protected]

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