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Cambodia’s Exquisitely Remote 12th Century Temple

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Banteay Tented Camp - Siem Riep - Cambodia - History

Built during the reign of the mighty and mythical King Jayavarman VI, the exquisite 12th century temple complex of Banteay Chhmar is sure to impress. Once listed as one of the most threatened archeological sites in the world, this historical landmark of an ancient era has been though both the good and the bad years in Cambodia. Now due to more interest from the outside world and local CBT (community based tourism) projects, the temple rests peacefully.

Banteay Tented Camp - Siem Riep - Cambodia - History

The remote location and intimate access truly make this historic experience something your visitors will never forget. Even though the temple site is located only 20 km from the Thai border, it doesn’t see too many visitors. Staying in one of the charming village homestays or at the site’s luxury tents is an amazing way to experience Banteay Chhmar at a relaxed pace.

Exploring on foot or renting a bicycle to peddle around the village can be magical, particularly in the green season when the rice fields are an endless sea of vibrant green. The ruins are constantly undergoing restoration so your travelers will be able to watch this delicate process at this once mighty temple often compared to Angkor Thom in Siem Reap. At one time one of the most decrepit of the Angkor era temples, Banteay Chhmar is gradually being rebuilt, stone by stone. The massive temple along with its satellite shrines and reservoir are one of the most important yet least understood historic landmarks from Cambodia’s Angkor period.

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