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Collaborative Efforts in Tour Product Development

Marc Ruffet - Khiri Travel Thailand

Marc Ruffet, Khiri Thailand Commercial Manager discusses how Khiri differentiates itself in from others in the DMC market in product development.

Thailand is not only the Land of Smiles, but also popular place often perceived as the Southeast Asian destination that no longer has any new tour products to offer. However, after almost five years since I joined the Khiri Thailand team, I can say with enthusiasm that with our passion for product innovation, we will continue to develop new and interesting places to discover.

Wat Paknam - Thailand

Take for example two recent new tour product innovations: an authentic cultural immersion with an intriguing Thai hostess in the suburbs of Bangkok. She will take your clients on her private boat to her lovely garden. After gathering all the fresh ingredients, she will teach her guests how to cook laap pla duk, a wonderful salad of grilled catfish minced with lemongrass and galangal. There is also an opportunity to meet an expert archeologist at the maritime museum of Chantaburi for a private lecture about some centuries old artifacts collected from the bottom of the sea.

Kung - Kraben - Mangrove - Forest

At Khiri Travel Thailand, we pride ourselves on our collaborative effort in tour product innovation involving managers from each level. We differentiate ourselves from other DMCs that rely on a product manager that sits behind a computer most of the time. On the contrary, at Khiri, our general manager, sales managers and branch managers regularly leave the office to explore new ideas and create unique and inventive itineraries for all kinds of travelers.

Talad- Khlong Suan - market - Thailand

My last trip took me to the southeastern part of Thailand, between Bangkok and Cambodia. This part of the country is usually only crossed overland to reach the famous Thai beaches of Koh Chang and Koh Kood. Big mistake! There are actually some very worthwhile stops along the way. I discovered a great traditional market said to be 100 years old. From the market, I hopped on a long tail boat to ride to a temple that was an eclectic mix of Thai, Indian and Chinese influences in a very special atmosphere.

Namtok Phlio - National Park - Thailand

Namtok Phlio - National Park - Thailand

I also had the good fortune to discover wide-open Chao Lao Beach, a hidden gem of coastal Thailand offering a 3 km stretch of white sand with hardly another tourist in site! But the ultimate discovery of this inspection tour would definitely be a small, yet amazingly beautiful chedi nestled in the middle of Namtok Phliou National Park. Completely covered with moss and vegetation, this Buddhist monument and the surrounding parkland was an amazing nature escape only a few hours from the buzzing capital, Bangkok.

If your clients have never been to Thailand, Khiri Travel can assure them there is much to see and for all tastes. For travelers who have already visited this amazing country, please come back. We continue to find lots of new experiences to discover. Our Khiri Travel team will be more than happy to share our passion for Thailand adventures and prepare the perfect itinerary!


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