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Discovering Colombo, a City of Art

August 19, 2016 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

Discover this city, the origin of an influential contemporary art movement, through connections with local people, their traditions, passions and art.

We might not associate Colombo, the commercial center of Sri Lanka, with art. But let me remind you that one of the most influential contemporary art movements, the 43 Group, started in Colombo with the works of Harry Pieris, George Keyt and Ivan Pieris, among others. Colombo is the kind of place that gets under your skin. Like many big cities, the way to unravel its hidden secrets is with the help and companionship of a local. We have a wonderful tour guided by an artist with a passion for contemporary art that will take your travelers on a journey of discovery.

This tour is all about people, not just art appreciation. When we travel, we make connections with the people we meet, and in time, they become the fabric of good travel memories. Meeting a local artist who also happens to be one of Sri Lanka’s leading swim coaches puts the whole experience into perspective. It is more than an art tour, this exploration is a window into life in Colombo and what makes the city alive – an amalgam of different people, traditions and cultures.

Some of the must see art attractions in Colombo are Saskia Fernando Gallery, the Lionel Wendt Gallery, and of course the National Gallery. We also stop at Barefoot, a classic in the city. There will even be wine and good conversation! What better way to spend time in Colombo than with an accomplished local artist?

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