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Discovering The Best In Asian Street Food

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Street food is a portal to a world of culinary heritage, so says Netflix’s new documentary series Streetfood, a fascinating look at the culinary talents of street vendors across Asia and the importance of street food.

Finding the best places that showcase local flavors and food experiences can be a frustrating task in a city you don’t know, struggling with a language you don’t speak. The best street food to be found is often down side streets and alleyways that morph into makeshift canteens at lunchtime, or turn into sprawling food bazaars at night. Unless you are a local or spend a lot of time researching the local food scene, the chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for.

Immersing travelers in the local culture through street food is where we at Khiri Travel excel. With our street food expertise and local guides who know the best markets, food carts, stalls and quick eateries, we can introduce you to all manner of street food delicacies and local favorites, enabling you to indulge your curiosity, while opening up a world of new tastes, textures and flavors.

Among the countries Netflix explores in its Streetfood series are Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, three destinations Khiri Travel specializes in, where street food is a way of life. Truly authentic food connects you to the local culture and its people, so join us on one of our street food experiences and discover Asia through its cuisine.


Thailand – The Art of Royal Thai Cuisine

The day begins with a cooking class at the centuries-old mansion of the world-famous Blue Elephant Restaurant in Bangkok, where the focus will be to master the diverse, colorful and delicate flavors of Royal Thai Cuisine. During the morning wander through a busy fresh market, chatting with local stall owners and peruse the cornucopia of culinary ingredients and spices, many of which will be used later in the cooking class. Once the cooking session ends, lunch will be served in the elegant dining room, where you can enjoy the day’s culinary efforts, along with several other Thai dishes.


Vietnam – Saigon Street Food by Motorbike 

Vietnam has a well-known and well-deserved reputation for distinct, fresh and flavorful cuisine. Their traditional dishes are unique in flavor and surprising in variety.  To sample some of these famous Vietnamese dishes, get ready to be whisked away in the evening on a motorbike, weaving through the bustling Saigon streets to taste the local street food found on the sidewalks and at night markets in less-frequented parts of the city. From street food barbeques and banh xeo pancakes to pho – the ubiquitous rice noodle dish and the national dish of Vietnam – you’ll be sampling all sorts of dishes, paired with local rice wine and other beverages. End the evening with a refreshing drink in hand and a greater knowledge of the Vietnamese food scene, with its array of cooking techniques, sauces, spices and abundant use of fresh and exotic herbs.


Indonesia – Yogyakarta Foodie Tour

Yogyakarta is known as the cultural center of Java, but it’s also a foodie paradise where you can discover some diverse and flavorful street food in places where the locals like to hang out. Head for the well-known kopi joss area in town to try the traditional Indonesian coffee served with a brick of burning hot charcoal – in the coffee! The Jalan Malioboro shopping area offers all sorts of bargains as well as the opportunity to try some local snacks, like mi kadin, stir-fried noodles. Just south of the palace, wander through the peaceful alun-alun square famed for its waringin, or banyan trees. Visit several popular angkringan, eating places for students and families – rarely frequented by outsiders. Angkringan is the local word to describe a pushcart that sells a variety of foods and beverages by the roadside in Central Java and Yogyakarta. Round off the evening with a refreshing drink – some wedang uwuh made with traditional herbs, or wedang uwuh ginger tea.

Street food is an important part of the cultural fabric of Asia – a lens through which we learn about a new place or city – where differences in culture are forgotten in the celebration of food. From Bangkok’s world-renowned food scene with its bustling night markets and vendors on every corner to Vietnam’s tasty desserts and the eclectic angkringan food carts of Yogyakarta, discover the exotic subtleties of Asian cuisine and the people who create it, with Khiri Travel.

To book these foodie tours, or to find out more about Asian culinary experiences with Khiri Travel, get in touch with us at: [email protected].

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