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Do It Yourself Inle Lake

September 3, 2014 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

The common way to traverse Myanmar’s famous Inle Lake is by motorboat. Of course this will give a much better experience than just looking at this lake from the shore. To feel the breeze in their face, see the lakeside villagers tending their floating gardens and photograph the iconic Intha leg-rowing fishermen, your guest must definitely embark by boat to properly experience Inle Lake. Recently, the indigenous population dwelling nearby have been as much surprised as visitors, plus became somewhat curious to see foreigners navigating their own kayaks in the lake.

Khiri Travel Myanmar’s new innovative kayaking tour through rural Shan villages promises an exciting day filled with activities and a truly local experience. The kayaks can enter Inle Lake by the canal or small side stream that connects Shwenyaung to Nyaungshwe. This canal offers one of the best “off the beaten track” experiences one can find in the lake area.

The unusual exercise involved in paddling a kayak will produce many smiling faces and guarantee your clients will have a good night’s rest. They will also have a good feeling about participating in an environmentally friendly outdoor activity as well as get to see areas of the lake less frequented by the motorboats.

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