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Eka – Local guide in Indonesia

April 28, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

“What I especially like is the awesome team I can work with.”

About you

Hello, You can call me Eka, I’m 37 years old happy mom for a beautiful daughter and I live in the Yogyakarta area. I am a woman who is passionate about history, culture and travel. This is why I like working with people in tourism so much and showing them my country.


How did you start to work for Khiri Travel?

I started to work for Khiri Travel after I met Mr. Herman for an interview as a tour guide, about 5 years ago.  He introduces me to Khiri Travel and the concept, and we immediately had a good connection.


What do you like about working for Khiri Travel?

What I especially like is the awesome team I can work with, also the adventurous tours keep me on my toes and keep it interesting.


What is the most typical ‘Khiri Travel’ activity in Jogja?

Oh, that must be the Jogja Foodie Tour (street food). This is a walking tour where you explore the traditional and modern angkringan (food stalls) of Yogyakarta, and discover popular treats and places where locals like to hangout. There is also a short Becak ride and guests love it to get away from the standard tourist attractions and ‘mingle’ with the locals. Every time is different, and I never get bored with it.


Why should people visit Yogyakarta on the island of Java?

Yogyakarta (or Jogja as the locals call it) is a great combination between history, culture, people and traditions. and of course great food!

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