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English for Emails at Myanmar Office

April 3, 2015 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , ,

Here is a blog from Win Htet Htet Thu of Khiri Travel Myanmar’s Operations Department. She tells her story about her and other Myanmar staffers taking an English class from a native speaker to learn effective email writing.

Since November last year, Win Htet Htet Thu is working with Khiri Travel Myanmar for four days a week, the other days she studies. She is part of the CBT program for her commercial studies, studies Philosophy at the Yangon University and in the weekend Business & Management via the Oxford program of the UK Embassy. Win Htet Htet Thu works at Khiri Travel Myanmar for her internship Commercial Studies. Her favorite subject is management accounting. She likes to improve her English, especially her vocabulary. Win Htet Htet Thu is happy with her internship with Khiri, particularly to see how the operation department is managed.

It was a pleasure to learn English at our Khiri office a few months ago. It was a very interesting class with a teacher who is a native speaker. As for me, I had never studied with a native speaker before so I really benefited from learning and practicing my English and business email writing.

I learned how to check for mistakes when writing a formal email in English. Before it was really difficult for me to write a response with good sentences immediately when I received an email.

I felt inexperienced in writing emails but this information was what I needed to help me solve problems in my daily routine and improve my English. I appreciate the free support and guidance from Khiri Travel during this important learning time. I now have good tools to use for English email writing.

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