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Family Adventure to Inle Lake and Her Sister Lakes

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For families with children, this adventure by boat and on foot, which takes you to explore Inle Lake and her sister lakes in Shan State, is a great way to bring you all closer together. Not only do you experience the wonders of nature, but you also have the thrill of unique encounters with different hill tribes and their cultures – a fascinating way to broaden the horizons of your children and one that is bound to keep them enthralled!

During the four days of trekking, you travel from one charming boutique hotel to another, and there’s also a chance to enjoy an intimate homestay experience in an ethnic hill tribe village of the Pa’O people. The daily walks are easy – between three to five hours a day – and some special home-cooked meals are included along the way.

The first day begins with a fun horse and cart ride to the starting point of an easy uphill trek to a local Pa’O village. The Pa’O people are one of the most distinctive hill tribes living around Inle Lake. They are known for their navy blue clothes and colorful red or orange turbans, and famed for their farming and trading skills. In the village you will spend the time following some of their daily activities; learning about their lives and even wearing their traditional costumes – a fun dressing up activity that your kids will really enjoy doing!

Leaving the Pa’O village, you will walk towards Nam Pan village, passing through rural fields and nature, surrounded by wonderful views of the lake en route. You will learn to identify local crops like ginger, garlic, and turmeric, as you pass by these colorful plantations. Eventually, you arrive at Inle Lake where you stop for a cool, well-deserved drink, before hopping on board a motorboat to go and visit Inle Lake’s famed floating gardens and the stilt houses of the Intha people. After the boat ride, you will head to your hotel, which offers stilted accommodation on the lake, with unforgettable panoramas of this huge body of water and the Shan Hills beyond.


The next morning starts with a trip southward by boat to Samkar Lake where the famous sunken pagodas await. Along the way, visit Taung To temple ruins and trek through an ancient bamboo forest. The hike then brings you to a solar-run lake-front lodge for a restful night.

On your final day, you visit the local village of Phayartaung, known for its monastery that focuses on education for underprivileged children living in the area. You then continue south by boat to Pekon Lake, followed by a short ride in a local tuk-tuk to the starting point of your trek for the day. The Lisu people of the area are today’s highlight. They are happy people and you will find them excited and proud to show off their colorful dress and culture to you.

After a few other villages and some interesting site visits, you drive on to Loikaw town, the capital of Kayah State in the Karen Hills, where you spend the night in comfortable, picturesque accommodation.

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