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Family Time at Myanmar’s Thingyan Water Festival

February 7, 2013 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under:

Thingyan is a fun and often wild festival which is celebrated all around the country. Especially in Mandalay and in Yangon everybody throws water on everybody for four days from morning until the evening. Big (and small) stages are built around the city with a row of water pipes in the front to hose everybody passing. On stage people sing and dance (mostly pop and rock music) while in front of the stage overloaded cars pass through the water.

Bring your water gun and bucket to join the fun or stay at home – there is no way to avoid the water during these four days. Make sure money and camera are safely wrapped in plastic bags. It is a bit like a carnival atmosphere throughout the country and good fun (similar to Songkran in Thailand but a bit wilder and with definitely more water splashing).

Thingyan is the perfect period to visit Myanmar and get to know the hospitality and friendliness of the people. It is one big celebration that starts at 10am in the morning going until 6pm in the evening (there are no celebrations and no water throwing after 6 pm). People dance and drink in the streets and go out of their way to make sure visiting foreigners are having fun. It’s one big carnival atmosphere Myanmar style. If you find yourself in Myanmar during this festival and you want to avoid it, go to the beach, stay indoors at your hotel or visit small villages like Bagan or Inle Lake where it’s a bit quieter.

If you and your family want a memory of a lifetime, get outdoors and wet and enjoy the fun of Thingyan.

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