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Fish massage… all you need to know

October 24, 2009 by Khiri Travel |

For those who thought that Siem Reap in Cambodia is just the gateway to the temple ruins of Angkor: think again. Yes, great shopping too, on top of the list are stone carvings (even if heavy, do take a small one) and a couple of krama‘s. There’s a the old market, and the much newer night market with tons of small stalls that sell local tea, incense, funny T-shirts and much more.

But there’s more: fish massage is the latest craze. As the information given on the bill board (picture above) explains it: forget about men, go for fish. When looking for a foot massage, that is. So, when back from a long day at the temples, go to one of the many places i town that offer this new form of spa treatment. See if you can take it without breaking into laughter (or try to read the bill board without a smile).

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