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Fun for Kids: ‘Treasure’ Hunting in Ayutthaya

February 7, 2013 by Khiri Travel |


Ayutthaya once was the flourishing capital of ancient Siam with around one million inhabitants. Due to its river location on an accessible and fertile agricultural plain and its central location between China, Malaysia, and India it became an international trading hub. Merchants from Arabia, Japan, Portugal, China, India, the Netherlands and France hailed Ayutthaya the finest city that they had seen. When the Burmese invaded the city in 1767 all this wealth and trade came to an abrupt end. Most of the temples were destroyed. It was a catastrophe that would scar and define Thailand’s national psyche for hundreds of years.

Today, Ayutthaya is a quiet city an hour’s drive north of Bangkok. Remnants of historic temples lie scattered around town. They are evocative and charming, hallowed places that hint at a bygone era.

To make Ayutthaya’s lovely heritage places intriguing for modern families, Khiri Thailand has created a photographic treasure hunt. Based on faded pictures in an old photo album of friends who visited the city a long time ago, kids are guided past the impressive remnants. Parents or a guide are given the original photos together with a description of the angle they were taken from. The fun is for the kids to find the location from the old photographs and write down the name of the temple, or Buddha image as they go.

The Khiri guide will check the answers at the end of the trip. There will be a prize for each child taking part.

With Khiri Travel, history comes alive and becomes fun.

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