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Hamish and Andy – Gap Year Asia Shooting

June 5, 2013 by Khiri Travel |

For the Australian TV production Hamish and Andy, our team in Cambodia went out of their way to provide them with some fun thrilled but educational activities in a very tight schedule. The outcome were various episodes of their ‘Gap Year’ in Asia show, including Spider Eating and Landmine Wrangling.

A few of the things we remember most, are the fact that we had to contact Hamish and Andy directly to get their blood types to have this ready prepared in the (unlikely) case something went wrong in the minefield. One of our staff went to the Skun spider village to make preparations with the local community so that the team could start shootings immediately upon arrival.

Hamish and Andy Grid

It was a lot of work and great fun to organize this package together with Asia Film Fixers.

Hamish & Andy – Gap Year Asia

Landminde clearing Cambodia

Hamish faces his Greatest Fear!

We find a landmine

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