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Hidden Bagan, Temples Not Yet on The Tourist Radar Screen

February 23, 2017 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , , ,

Here is a tour that reveals some secret places in Bagan that only a few have seen. Spend the day with a guide exploring away from the crowds.

Let us take your clients off the beaten path to discover some hidden temples of Bagan. With a car and guide, we take your clients to some ancient temples that are not even on the map yet. These places are monasteries with exquisite mural paintings and temples that have not been cleaned for tourists. One of the hidden temples is even tucked away inside the compound of a police station.

We will also arrange to serve your clients a lunch of delicious “Myanmar dry zone” dishes at a local home far away from tourist busses or souvenir stalls. After lunch and a short break, the guide will continue to speak about the myths, legends and history of the Bagan Empire. This tour will make a fantastic day to show your clients the secrets of Bagan as only few have seen it.

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