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Holidaying in Bangkok for Kids and their Families

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Depending on your children’s interests, there’s a huge variety of things for families with kids to do in Bangkok. Ranging from ‘edutainment’ venues where kids can learn and play, to fantastic games arcades, wonderful theme parks, indoor adventure playgrounds, and fun outdoor attractions, there’s something for all ages.

Below is a look at just a few of the activities Khiri Travel Thailand can help you select for your family that covers a whole range of ages and offers a safe, entertaining environment where everyone can have fun.


Very different from the past, a lot of the newer museums have children-focused displays that are interactive too. Some museums are even fully geared towards children, whether it comes to science or comic book characters!



There are a few special places where together with your children; you can be creative with colors and more. Fancy some Thai traditional mask painting? Or getting your hands dirty, making your own pottery? We know where to take you!

Treasure Hunts

Especially for families, Khiri Travel has developed some exciting treasure hunts!


Bangkok has a surprising number of parks, which are great for exploring, just relaxing, or enjoying a picnic.

Theme Parks

Whether they are cultural or just for fun, Bangkok has a wide choice of theme parks. One worth a mention is the Ancient City, or Mueang Boran – a large Thailand-shaped park with lots of authentic buildings taken from different periods in the country’s history. Allocate plenty of time, as it can easily take a whole day to explore this special place! You can either walk around the park or hire bicycles for a small fee.

Amusement / Games

A lot of Bangkok’s shopping malls have special areas for children, some of them with tons of activities. Nowadays, there are also a few shops where you can play old-school board games. Laser games can be played in Bangkok at several locations.

Photo Fun

Highly popular among Thais are the 3D painting venues, where you can insert yourself into outrageous backdrops and record it digitally on your smartphone – great fun for kids and adults!


Traveling to a different country provides all sorts of learning opportunities. Apart from being exposed to the different smells, sounds and colors of Bangkok, there are also venues like KidZania, the very latest addition to the ‘edutainment’ scene, where children can take part in a range of ‘real’ activities in a model city – like playing doctor at a miniature hospital, fighting a hotel fire, being a dentist, or flying a Boeing 737!


Some of the must-see places like the Grand Palace can get too crowded for comfort, but at Khiri Travel, we still know more than a few cultural attractions that can be enjoyed by all the family.


Some of Bangkok’s attractions are bordering on the edge of kitsch, but can still be fun – especially for children. With this in mind, we have some truly strange places for you! From replicas of European landmarks to life-size cartoon characters and more, Bangkok has it all!

Animal attractions

Bangkok’s Dusit Zoo is now closed and will not reopen at its new location outside Bangkok for quite some time, but there are a few other places worth visiting, with animal welfare in mind. One of those is Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World at Siam Square. With 30,000 marine species, it’s one of the largest aquariums in Southeast Asia.

For more information on Bangkok entertainment for the whole family, please contact us at: [email protected].

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