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Hotel by the Red Canal, Mandalay, Myanmar

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Hotel by the Red Canal - Mandalay - Myanmar

For an oasis of peace and friendliness, this cozy boutique hotel on the outskirts of Mandalay has a pool, gym, business center and an extravagant spa.

Hotel by the Red Canal - Mandalay - Myanmar - spa

The Hotel by the Red Canal in Mandalay welcomes guests into an oasis of peace and friendliness. The small boutique hotel is a great option for clients preferring a small-scale accommodation with personalized service and facilities that include a pool, a small gym, and a business centre. The bonus is an extravagant spa designed to reflect the rural surroundings of Mandalay.

Hotel by the Red Canal - Mandalay - Myanmar - restuarant

The restaurant offers excellent local dishes featuring Indian chefs that make sure a variety of food is represented in an authentic way. The room categories are named after different regions in Myanmar.

According to Maurien Wetselaar, a Dutch client of Khiri Travel Myanmar, “In Mandalay, we think the Hotel at the Red Canal is just fantastic!! I would always prefer this location instead of being far out of the city. The quality of this boutique hotel is amazing as well as the food next door.”

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