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September 21, 2021 by Khiri Travel |


Rati Lanna Hotel

Rati_Lanna_top pick hotels in Chiang Mai Thailand

Located in Chiang Mai, the capital and cultural core of the Lanna Kingdom. The Rati Lanna Hotel nestles along the Ping River that runs through the city. The Rati Lanna is an excellent example of a hotel that embraces and pays homage to Lanna’s culture, its local heritage, and traditional way of life. It showcases conventional ways of life using traditional Lanna designs in art, architecture, and local craftsmanship of a bygone era.

Moreover, each part of Rati Lanna gives guests a taste of what it is like to live in the ancient Lanna Kingdom. The wide range of spacious deluxe rooms in Rati Lanna highlights Lanna’s rich cultural heritage and local artisanry. Their lobby guest rooms showcase the beauty of Lanna’s traditional art and craftsmanship. 

In addition, their restaurant, Mira, serves authentic northern Thai dishes and a panoramic view of the Ping River. Meanwhile, Chiang Mai’s award-winning spa’s lifeblood uses locally sourced herbal products to relax you.

Rati_Lanna room best hotels in Chiang Mai
Rati_Lanna affordable hotels

On the other hand, right in the middle of the hotel is an infinity pool with a bar and comfortable sunbeds facing out to the Ping River. On the other side, sitting just across from the hotel on the opposite bank is the ancient Lanna city of Wiang Kim Karn, an archaeological site that was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. While staying at the Rati Lanna Hotel, take some time to wander around and explore these local sites and temples. Therefore, offer an incredible insight into the Chiang Mai of the past.

For more information and booking requests, please contact [email protected] or visit our website at Khiri Thailand.


Rambutan resort, Phnom Penh

Rambutan Phnom Penh pick of the month budget hotels for Cambodia September 2021

Named after the luscious and sweet tropical fruit native to South East Asia. Stepping through the gates of Rambutan resort Phnom Penh is like stepping into a tropical oasis. Located on a quiet street in the heart of bustling Phnom Penh, this tastefully appointed hotel has a casual, warm, and welcoming ambiance.

The hotel consists of a 1960’s Khmer-style villa with a newly built modern wing that overlooks the sizeable refreshing saltwater pool. This urban oasis is only a short tuk-tuk ride to all that Phnom Penh has to offer.

Under the style of modern Asian, the hotel features locally crafted furniture, vibrant modern Asian art, Cambodian crafted textiles, and locally produced soft furnishings. Meanwhile, room floors are tiled with handcrafted local tiles and feature private and secluded balconies, some with alfresco private stone bathtubs.

The hotel is home to an exceptional casual restaurant and bar, serving signature and classic cocktails, fine wines, local beers, and an extensive Asian and Western classics menu.

Rambutan best hotels in Phnom Penh September 2021 bedroom
Rambutan swimming pool
Rambutan budget hotels and resort

Moreover, at the core of the Rambutan experience is the staff. You are greeted by beaming warm smiles, and it is obvious the concept of family is promoted within the team. Rambutan has a solid commitment to the growth and development of all its staff, offering scholarships to study English and University courses. They also proudly offer internships for students from Spoons and Salabai, two well-known and recognized hospitality schools in Cambodia.

For more information and booking requests, please contact [email protected] or visit our website at Khiri Cambodia


Villa Maydou, Luang Prabang

Villa Maydou - affordable resort in Laos

Luang Prabang, the ancient capital of Laos and listed as a UNESCO heritage listed site has some enchanting neighborhoods. For instance, in one such neighborhood, you will find Villa Maydou. This delightful property consists of five traditional villas, two of which date back to 1925 and 1936. Meanwhile, the rest have been tastefully restored by a Laotian national named Noy and her French husband.

The boutique hotel was established in 2005. Meanwhile, the restoration project was completed under the guidance of UNESCO’s Luang Prabang office. The hotel is located near the banks of the Nam Khan river. Where the heart of historic Luang Prabang and next to the Wat Meuna temple. Therefore, it is an easy walk to the famous Luang Prabang night markets and some of the town’s best dining restaurants and bars.

On the other side, the hotel’s main saltwater pool is surrounded by rich luscious tropical gardens. Where many properties located within the old center of town don’t have pools and this makes Villa Maydou rather unique. The rooms are elegantly furnished with locally sourced and produced fabrics and textiles. Which provide a sense of hominess and soothing comfort.

Villa Maydou swimming pool
Villa Maydou luang Prabang hotel bedroom

One of the best ways to explore Luang Prabang is by bicycle. Likewise, the hotel provides free access to bikes for you to discover the charms and some of the 33 wats within the town. Meanwhile, the restaurant in the heart of the gardens on the hotel grounds offers a great selection of traditional Laotian and French dishes. They proudly produce their own jams with seasonal tropical fruits and homemade cakes and pastries. Also, the hotel has connecting rooms which also make it suitable for families.

For more information and booking requests, please contact [email protected] or visit Khiri Laos

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