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Hotels Options from Around the Region

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Khiri Travel’s roundup of new and intriguing hotel options from around the region….


The Alcove Library Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

Where can we find this hotel?
The hotel is about 10 minutes by car from the airport and a ride to downtown Saigon takes about 15 minutes. It is nestled in a quiet neighborhood, just off the main road.

What is it like?
The Alcove is a three-star boutique hotel. We felt like coming home when we first entered the stylish library lobby and were welcomed by the very friendly receptionist. The hotel has 32 rooms and suites in different categories (all non-smoking). There’s a café in front of the hotel that’s perfect for a tea break, and a rooftop restaurant for cocktails and dinner.

Why do we like it?
A bit further apart from the other downtown hotels, the concept of this hotel is unique to Ho Chi Minh City. It offers a comfortable homey experience with tailor-made services.

The hotel in a few words
Bagan Lodge is a new four-star boutique hotel in Bagan. Spacious, tastefully decorated rooms, a refreshing swimming pool, international management, and quality western and Asian food make this a welcoming addition.

Why do we like it?
Khiri Travel Myanmar recommends this property because of the spacious rooms and quality levels that travelers experience when staying here. We like the tented roofs to the bungalows. It reminds us of going on a safari in former times.

What are alternative options to this hotel?
Hotels in the same category and area are the Tharaba Gate, Blue Bird, Areindamar, Aureum Palace, and Thiripyitsaya Hotel.

Where can we find this hotel?
The hotel is about a three-minute walk from Nana BTS Sky Train station in Sukhumvit Soi 11. The street is well known for its abundance of trendy nightlife and dining options.

Why do we like it?
Salil Hotel is a good budget place in an excellent location. Connecting rooms are available as is free Wi-Fi Internet. We are fans of the decor in Asian-French style with a pleasing floral theme. The eight rooms on each floor are decorated differently, inspired by eight types of Asian flowers such as Aunchun, Orchid, Chaba, Parichat, Sakura, Benjamas, Lotus, and Botan.

What are alternative options to this hotel?
Other hotels within this price range and quality around Nana BTS are Salil Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 8 and Narry Nana Bangkok Hotel.

Where can we find this hotel?
The hotel is in Kalaw, in Myanmar’s Shan State.  The main reason to visit Kalaw is the elephant conservation camp, which should not be missed when visiting Myanmar. It is one of the highlights.

What’s it like?
The historical Kalaw Hotel is over 100 years old and has recently been privatized and renovated – the main building with 12 suites rooms and the adjacent colonial building with 12 deluxe rooms have a lot of character. Although the service might sometimes be a bit clumsy, it is always done with a charming smile.

Why do we like it?
The recent renovations and new management really did the place well. The hotel allows travelers to stay in a building that is over 100 years old. The big gardens surrounding the premises add to the character of the place. Book the suite rooms. They are spacious with nice teak wooden floors.

Park Hyatt

The hotel in a few words:
A new five-star property on Sivutha Boulevard that only opened its doors on 29 July 2013. Angkor temples and Siem Reap airport are easy to reach from the hotel.

Why do we like it?
The hotel is an elegant hide-away with 108 stylish guestrooms and suites.  We highly recommend the suites to the most distinguished travelers. The hotel is an exclusive haven with a private garden and swimming pool, providing an exquisite retreat.

What are alternative options to this hotel?
Khiri Travel Cambodia likes to compare this hotel to the La Residence d’Angkor, where clients can find similar luxury levels of service and atmosphere.

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