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Immersion in Go Noi’s Village Farming Collective

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If you are in Vietnam’s historic city of Hoi An, then a great day out for the family is a visit to Go Noi, a quiet rural village on the banks of the Thu Bon River, where the local people eke out a living from fishing and farming.

This immersive Khiri Travel experience is a wonderful way to see a local side of Hoi An’s rural countryside, only 15 km from this UNESCO World Heritage Site town. The tour first takes you to meet Mr. Phap at his farm in Go Noi village, called locally the ‘floating mound’, because of its location in the Thu Bon River, surrounded by tributaries – making it almost a river island.

Mr. Phap’s farm is part of a collective producing organic vegetables – a market garden that he is completely devoted to. In fact, Mr. Phap, who is originally from Go Noi, gave up a good job and a stable income in the city to return to his village and devote himself to this organic farming project. Well educated, Mr. Phap’s market garden uses sustainable farming techniques and works with local villagers to spread awareness about the importance of sustainable, organic farming.


After arriving at the farm, you are greeted by Mr. Phap and his family at their house and then take a short tour around the immediate facilities. Following the tour, you begin cycling through the village and the rice fields, arriving at some of the collective’s organic plantations, where such crops as chili pepper, water bindweed, lettuce, basilica, spinach, squash, and edible chrysanthemums are grown. Here, you join local farmhands and take part in some of the daily activities, such as harvesting, planting, weeding, tilling the soil, watering, and fertilizing the crops with organic compost.

You then continue cycling to a small pier on the Thu Bon River and board a local ferry for the 10-minute crossing. On the other side, you cross a beautiful 50m bamboo bridge and continue walking through plantations of peanuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, corn, chili, watermelon, and more! The clean, crisp air and rural surrounds situated on the edge of the river, paint a colorful, peaceful picture that will stay with you long after your trip.


Depending on the season, you and your kids can have fun harvesting a pumpkin or watermelon to eat later. You then return to the pier for the ferry ride back across the river. On the bike ride back to Mr. Phap’s house, you first visit a wood carving workshop to try your hand at some whittling – a great activity for children – and one where you realize just how quick and skillful the local carvers are!

Back in Mr. Phap’s home, enjoy lunch with his family in a typical authentic farmhouse atmosphere. If you have the energy, you can also help prepare a typical dish of delicious crispy pancakes, known locally as ‘banh xeo’.

This Khiri Travel tour is a truly immersive experience that will provide you and your children with some real insight into local Vietnamese rural life!

For more information about this experience and other Khiri Travel experiences in and around Hoi An, get in touch with us at: [email protected]

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