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Impeccable Monastery, Imperial Citadel — and Conical Hats

March 21, 2014 by Khiri Travel |

Khiri Travel Vietnam has put together a new, exclusive tour in Quy Nhon, Central Vietnam. Visitors can discover an ancient monastery in Quy Nhon dating from the 17th century. Fortunately, the monastery was saved from damage during the Vietnam War. The unique library of 1000 wooden panels with coded Chinese symbols from the 18th century remains untouched, as well as some books from the 19th century explaining Buddhist religion.

On display are items such as music instruments, painted statues of divinities, and furniture – all from the 17th century. During this visit a monk narrates on the Chinese symbols of the engraved panel, gets into a discussion with guests about each other’s religion, ways of life and rituals. Travelers are served a vegetarian lunch in the monastery and can walk in the beautiful garden located nearby.

Khiri Vietnam then takes guests to a former royal citadel; here there are still some Cham statues to be found. In a village nearby, craftsmen produce Vietnamese conical hats. It’s a unique chance for our visitors to see this process first-hand.

Quy Nhon is a still a relatively ‘undiscovered’ beach destination on the scenic road from Hoi An and Hue southwards to Nha Trang, Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City.

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