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Indonesia 2019 – A Year of Reflection

December 24, 2019 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

After a record-breaking 2018 for travel in Indonesia, a series of events such as the Lombok earthquakes ushered in a year of reflection for 2019. As one of the most beautiful countries to visit, we always aim to show our guests the many different facets of Indonesia that we know and love. With tourism numbers leveling off, our team got the opportunity to reflect on how we should better ourselves to ensure that guests keep having great experiences. With this in mind, we decided to focus on three core areas: sustainability, our team, and product development.

With the re-certification of Travelife, sustainability continues to be one of our core tenets. Preserving the beauty of Indonesia is the cumulation of all our efforts: it requires cooperation from the travel and hospitality industry along with our guests. One successful initiative was our move to replace plastic bottles with glass water bottles for transfers within Bali. This has been an important first step towards reducing the number of single-use plastic water bottles in our daily operations which coincides with existing initiatives such as refill-my-bottle. Another big step in our effort to promote sustainability in Indonesia is our involvement in the Indonesian DMC Sustainability Collaboration (IDSC). This is a cooperative of several local DMC’s working together on communicating, auditing, and training our local partners on the importance of sustainability and ecotourism. By combining our efforts in a unified front, a measurable impact can be made in creating awareness and promoting sustainable practices.

The year started off with some substantial changes to our Indonesian team. Beginning with the arrival of Bart Hageman as the new Branch Manager at the Khiri Bali office, soon thereafter Herman Hoven got a well-deserved promotion to move from GM Khiri Indonesia to CEO of Khiri Travel. This move created an opportunity for other team members, with Bart Hageman moving into the GM Khiri Indonesia role. Aini Wikamto moved from being the Branch Manager at Lombok to Assistant General Manager, and Rae Brouwer came onboard as the Sales Manager. Building off of Herman’s legacy of developing our five offices in Indonesia, we re-organized the management team to ensure quality growth and efficiency continued. Together, we’ll work on ensuring our guests keep having amazing experiences throughout their stay with us. With improved training and coaching of our staff, we will increase the efficiency and cooperation between the five Khiri offices in Indonesia and provide better sales support to our agents.

Lastly, product development has been an important part this year. We have focused on introducing several exciting, innovative, and inspiring experiences for our guests to immerse themselves in Indonesia. From dinner in a cave with your loved one, spiritual journeys and soul-searching with a Shaman, to the exploration of rural villages in Flores looking at the importance of dance are just some of our new travel products. In addition, we have expanded our ‘Personalities’ where guests can meet one-on-one with interesting locals. It’s a great opportunity to meet fascinating people from around the country, who genuinely want to share their stories and broaden the local experiences of our guests.

This time of reflection has made us at Khiri Travel Indonesia appreciate even more the role and impact that we have on our beloved Indonesia. Not only for providing amazing guest experiences but also in helping conserve the environment we operate in. Khiri Travel Indonesia looks forward to sharing our country’s experiences with you and having an exciting and prosperous 2020!

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