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Insider Tip—Easy Travel Within Indochina

February 24, 2016 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: , , , , , ,

Travel links within Indochina between Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam are now easier than ever with better flight connections, expedited border crossings and improved overland travel options.

Indochina’s transportation infrastructure is improving rapidly so traveling around this part of Southeast Asia isn’t the time consuming chore it once was. For example, in a bid to promote tourism to Phu Quoc Island’s beach resorts, Vietnam has issued a visa waiver to people travelling directly (and only) to the island. The trip from Siem Reap to this stunning seaside location is now free of immigration hassles.

The improved roads from Siem Reap north through Anlong Veng easily continue into the Isan region of northeast Thailand and then on to Pakse in southern Laos. These routes allow travelers the opportunity to see less traveled areas in the region and avoid the much longer trek through northeast Cambodia. It is possible to make a journey from Siem Reap to southern Laos in one day.

In addition to overland travel across national borders, good flight connections also make the region more accessible than ever. Therefore, those traveling on a tight schedule don’t have to limit themselves to one country anymore.

Two weeks time is a good start to explore the highlights of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. Between easier overland routes, river travel options and updated air connections, the three countries of Indochina fit together like pieces of a puzzle. It has never been an easier, more accessible and fun time to visit Indochina!

Blogged by Jack Bartholomew

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