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Jaffna Foodie Tour

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Day 1: Lunch in a Jaffna family’s home

For an appetizer, the hosts will serve special kool (traditional soup) made from ingredients like palmyrah root flour, crab, prawns, cuttlefish, dried fish, long beans and eggplant, and seasoned with dry chili, saffron, pepper, garlic, tamarind, coconut scraps, drumstick leaves and salt. Sound delicious? Wait until you try it!

For the main course, pittu bread made from rice flour and coconut meat is presented with crab curry, fried prawns, cuttlefish, omelet mashed with dried fish, and dhal curry. This is the real deal, a true Jaffna feast. Mangoes and jackfruit are served when in season, otherwise sweet Jaffna papaya and bananas fill the gap.


Day 2: Lunch at a village house

Served on a banana leaf as per local custom, this meal consists of fried cuttlefish, Jaffna prawn curry, toasted crab, fish masala, mashed brinjal, drumstick curry and fish gravy.


Day 3: Seafood lunch on Delft Island

We will arrange a special lunch at a local home on Delft Island to sample the diversity of seafood and get the real flavor of isolated island life surrounded by the sea. On the menu for this meal is Jaffna rice, fish curry, fried fish and two or three vegetable curries with poppadoms and fried neem tree flower. Fruits (depending on the season) such as mango, papaya and banana balance the sweet and savory tastes.

Palmyrah toddy is also available. But don’t go crazy. It is alcoholic, lighter than arrack, but enough to give you a buzz.

For more information about tours to Jaffna and northern Sri Lanka, please contact to [email protected]



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