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Kayaking with Kids in Myanmar’s Kayin State

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Isabelle Demenge, author of children’s travel books, traveled to Kayin State, Myanmar with her husband and three young sons. Isabelle gave us feedback about what made this vacation a family friendly tour. Her upcoming books about traveling with kids in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar will be part of her Leap and Hop series of books.

Our guide, Nina, was unbelievable! First of all, she was a super cheerful person and very forward thinking. Even though she has no kids of her own, she anticipated things like “this is where you should go to the bathroom.” Nina was also enthusiastic about the book for which I was researching about how to travel with children in Myanmar and family friendly tours in general. She gave me names of bookstores in Yangon and made it her personal mission to push my books.

The driver, Mr. So, was amazing also. Both Nina and Mr. So went far beyond expectations. It’s all the little intentions that mattered when traveling with kids. What we really liked and why I am satisfied with Lightfoot’s (our travel agent) booking services and Khiri Travel’s child friendly tour is the things which made our trip not cookie cutter type.

We went kayaking in Kayin State with the entire family. Khiri Travel Myanmar has the whole thing set up for their guests and it was very special. There was a small pond with little Burmese kids playing in rubber tubes, jumping into the water and having fun. It was amazing because there’s even a little restaurant there from where Khiri Travel organizes their kayak tours.

The guided kayak tour took us out into the rice fields where the water was only up to our knees. It was sunset and we could see the people laboring in their fields with pagodas and mountains in the distance. It was extremely gorgeous. The kayak guides paddled us around for about an hour and the kids loved it. The grown ups loved it. I really loved it! We knew we were going to get a bit wet but we didn’t know we would need our bathing suits. But Nina was like “so what, just go in!” So we did.

During our play in the water, Mr. So went up to the village and bought the kids shorts. Nina talked to a small girl in the village who went into her house and brought out clothes for the adults and Nina gave me her Burmese longyi (sarong). Again, the attention to detail was perfect and gives me a lot of reassurance that my future book, about traveling with kids and child friendly tours in Myanmar, is going to be a best seller!

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