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Khiri Indonesia 2020 Update

March 27, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

Initially, Indonesia seemed to be largely unaffected by the Coronavirus. As the COVID-19 situation continues, the virus is having an unfortunate impact on Indonesia’s economy, tourism, and social wellbeing. Famous attractions, like the Borobudur, have temporarily closed down to limit large gatherings and follow the WHO’s recommendations for containing the virus. With lower inbound-tourism numbers, there is an upside for guests on the ground. Guests who visit normally busy sites are getting the chance to experience them almost completely empty. 

At this time, foreign visitors to Indonesia must provide health certificates from their respective countries stating that they are in good health before applying for a visa. The Indonesian Port Health Authorities also require travelers to submit a Health Alert Card upon arrival. With these safeguards in place along with limited entry for people from high-risk countries, the government can control the situation more effectively. Since restrictions and government policies in Indonesia change very rapidly, Khiri Indonesia will diligently monitor all local and national outlets and update everyone as things improve.

While maintaining the quality in our operations, we uphold the health and safety of our guests, staff, and guides as our number one priority. In our offices, we are using social distancing and frequent hand washing to main a safe working environment. While arrivals in Indonesia have dropped, the staff at our offices are maintaining clear channels of communication and assisting all our guests, agents, and suppliers in finding the best possible solutions. It is great to see everyone working together and being flexible as we adjust for sudden changes in our schedules and bookings. As everyone comes to terms with the gravity of our current predicament, we will make it through these times of uncertainty. In most cases, we are able to find a fitting solution for all parties such as postponing trips to a later date.

Even though we anticipate that tourism numbers will stay low in the near future, this allows the local travel and hospital industry to improve their processes. For example, our sustainability team is also hard at work, mapping out possible projects to work during the slower months ahead.

While we take this time to recover and prepare for guests, who will undoubtedly return once the virus clears up, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and continued trust in Khiri Travel. At our Khiri offices in Indonesia, we will use this time to invest in staff training and product development. Our group will also update our online portal, re-organize our data systems, and plan our sustainability programs for the rest of 2020.

These unprecedented times only help our team to reflect on where we stand. Khiri Indonesia will undoubtedly come out of these challenging times with a stronger team and focus, ready to create amazing experiences again all over Indonesia!

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