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Khiri Indonesia – We Care, We Share

March 2, 2014 by Khiri Travel |

Also in Indonesia, we try to make our trips as sustainable as possible, not only because this ensures the areas we visit will remain beautiful and unspoilt, but also because it is our opinion that the local communities that we work with are entitled to a fair share of the profits. Our warm local contacts guarantee that clients are welcomed with open arms everywhere and we are proud to say that we have remained faithful to our principles, and that our motto “we care, we share” still holds true today, as much as 12 years ago.

This sustainability expresses itself in our care for the environment. All clients of Khiri Travel Indonesia (on Sumatra, Java, Lombok and Flores) are provided with a free plastic water bottle. Our cars are fitted out with watertanks that can be used for refilling the bottles while on the road. Thus we hope to contribute to the reduction of wasted plastic water bottles in the environment.

We are one of the few agents in Indonesia that support the Rinjani Trekking Center in Senaru; a model for ecotourism in Indonesia. Developed with New Zealand Government assistance since 1999, the Rinjani Trek Centre embodies under one roof the unique partnership of the National Park, tourism industry and local communities that has been forged to manage and protect the Rinjani mountain environment at all times. Although they are more expensive than their competitors, we already work with them for 13 years (since the start) and we were the first agent in Indonesia to support them.

On Flores we are the biggest agent to book the Eco lodges Indonesia. A company that has six different eco lodges through the whole of Indonesia. Eco Lodges Indonesia is deeply committed to the conservation of the areas rich in biodiversity and they dedicate a percentage of revenue to developing and supporting conservation projects. To give an example; all of their lodges are working with solar power and they re-use the water for the shower and toilet to sprinkle the garden.

We train all of our guides to act eco-friendly at all times. The guide has to make sure no-one throws garbage on the ground or comes too close to wildlife. We provide strict guidelines for that since Indonesians don’t get this sort of education at school. We feel it is our job to re-educate all the people we work with to be environmental-friendly.

Our care also reflects in our respect for local traditions and customs. By taking into consideration local sensitivities, we can make sure that our customers are greeted with open arms in the future as well. We train our guides and drivers so that they can inform our clients about these matters. On top of that we advise our clients about cultural matters, such as the way they dress, to blend in as seamlessly as possible within local communities.

The people we work with get an honest pay. Because we work without intermediaries, with small hotels and employ our own guides and drivers, the money a traveler spends benefits local communities directly.

We sponsor local tourism initiatives through micro-credits and support a number of tourism related projects throughout Indonesia. These projects are in our itineraries and therefore can be visited. It cuts both ways: it gives guests a way to see Indonesia differently and a way for the projects to generate more income.

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