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Khiri Travel Announces New Multi-Generation Tours for Southeast Asia

February 27, 2020 by Khiri Travel | Filed Under: ,

The multiple award-winning DMC makes it rewarding, fun and insightful for parents, kids and grandparents to travel together in Asia.

Khiri Travel has launched seven tour options in Southeast Asia designed for parents, children, and grandchildren traveling together.

The seven itineraries range from six to twelve days in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam or Sri Lanka. Khiri has produced brochures itemising the proposed itineraries, which are modular to allow flexibility. The Thailand one, for example, gives guests the freedom to choose between preferred beach destinations of Krabi or Khao Lak, or the national park of Khao Sok.

There are maps, ‘at-a-glance’ highlights and symbols to show which activities are suitable for all three generations. The trips have options for parents and kids to, for example, ride e-bikes, while grandparents visit a museum or relax with a drink.

“We’ve designed the vast majority of the multi-generation itineraries to be flexible, varied and inclusive,” says Khiri Travel CEO Herman Hoven. “Families can gear up or down as they please.”

Khiri has been creative on the transport side. Families can experience travel by bicycle, longtail boat, 4×4, train, tuk-tuk, plane, private car, and even a US army jeep in Vietnam.

There are Khiri Travel signature experiences such as meetings with Balinese royalty, tea planters and dance instructors in Sri Lanka, chefs, and artists, and with a family in Vietnam who have been living in the same house for 18 generations.

The architectural wonders of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Grand Palace in Bangkok and Buddhist cave-temple complexes of Sri Lanka are made accessible, as is Chinatown and sightseeing along the canals on the Thonburi side of Bangkok.

A visit to an elephant rehabilitation camp should impress the children. And to create a family memento in Cambodia, the trip includes a photoshoot for all three generations posing together with the help of a stylist and plenty of props such as hats, shawls, walking sticks, and traditional attire.

Patchanee Sudsai, Head of Travel Design at Khiri Travel, says the key to success for multi-generation travel, on the accommodation side, is giving families the option to be together in a communal area, while still allowing private space. With a villa, the family can bond together in the lounge and dining area, while having the option to retreat to their own private rooms during their down time.

“This can work especially well for the grandparents and grandchildren, while mum and dad sip a cocktail at sundown on the balcony,” she says.

A well designed itinerary is equally as important. “The itinerary should strike a balance between activities that everyone can enjoy, such as cooking classes, wildlife spotting or boat exploration, and enough down time so that the family can relax and bond together.”

She says that renting a villa can save on costs when compared to booking multiple individual hotel rooms.

Asia is very suitable for multi-generation travel, says Hoven. “Throughout Asia, people show great respect to the elderly – and they adore children. Families can, therefore, expect a warm welcome — and plenty of fun, good food and cultural insights along the way.”

Tour operators can inspect Khiri’s multi-generation brochures in detail. Email [email protected]. More information at

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