Khiri Travel Statement on the Situation in Sri Lanka

Khiri Travel extends its condolences to the families and friends of victims killed or injured in the terrible events in Sri Lanka on 21 April. We stand with Sri Lanka in its time of grief.

Acts of terror are sadly part of this day and age. They happen anytime, anywhere. Sri Lanka now joins Nice, Paris, Christchurch, Istanbul, London and many other places where these tragic, senseless acts of violence have taken place. 

The UK, and The Netherlands are amongst the governments that are now advising against all but essential travel to Sri Lanka.  We believe Germany and the USA, will follow soon. This means that our tour operators will cancel all imminent departures. Our team in Sri Lanka is on stand by to help with the arrangements.

The Sri Lanka Air Force has also advised all domestic air operators to temporarily cease operations until further notice, due to the high-security measures being carried out island-wide.

The lives of many which are directly and indirectly involved in the travel industry are seriously affected by this. Khiri Travel hopes authorities will be able to bring the culprits to justice soon, so the country can continue on the peaceful journey it has enjoyed for over 10 years.  

For further information about Khiri Travel’s response to the situation in Sri Lanka, please contact [email protected]

The management, Khiri Travel