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Khiri Travel the First to Earn Travelife Partner Status in Indonesia and Laos

Khiri Travel in Indonesia and Laos have both been awarded Travelife Partner status following a major social and environmental audit. Khiri Travel is the first in both Indonesia and Laos to earn acclaimed Travelife Partner status.

Travelife certification for tour operators and travel agents comes in three rising stages: Engaged, Partner, and Certified. Khiri Travel Indonesia and Laos are two-thirds of the way to full certification. Khiri Travel Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam achieved full Travelife Certification in 2015.

Travelife is a leading training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies that are committed to sustainability. Travelife was founded with the support of ABTA in the UK and ANVR in the Netherlands in 2007 as a thorough responsible tourism certification scheme for tour operators and hotels.

Richard Brouwer, CEO of Khiri Travel, said: “Travelife Partner status shows a great pioneering spirit and dedication by the Khiri teams in Indonesia and Laos. Khiri Travel is committed to measurable sustainability because it boosts customer satisfaction, staff motivation and business efficiency. Khiri Laos and Indonesia will keep working towards full Travelife Certification.”

Naut Kusters, General Manager of Tour Operators and Travel Agents for Travelife said: “Khiri Travel in Indonesia and Laos are on the right path. Sustainability management is about commitment and consistent sustainable business practices. This includes a tour operator’s products, how they monitor and manage their impacts, and how they support their suppliers on their road to sustainability.”

The three-stage Travelife process acknowledges OECD corporate social responsibility guidelines including labor conditions, human rights, environmental responsibilities, biodiversity and fair business practices.

The Travelife standard for tour operators is also formally recognized by the UN-supported Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC).

For further information visit the sustainability zone on or visit Travelife.

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