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Khiri Travel Works With Top Rated Guides

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Meet Wan (Supattra), an excellent guide who has been selected to attend a special travel workshop in the Netherlands in June. And Vincent, who won the award from Koning Aap as ‘The best tour leader of the year’.


Wan (Supattra Chaichumpoo)

My name is Wan, short for Supattra Chaichumpoo. Thai people love to have short names that are easy to say and remember. I have been working as a Tour Leader and Tour Guide since 2000. I am very excited to be invited to the fun Khiri Travel event in the Netherlands. It is my first trip to Europe since Shoestring has been working with Khiri Travel. This is a very good project, which creates a lot of enthusiasm and good moral for all the people involved.

I work guiding tours in Thailand and Indochina. I really enjoy sharing Thai and Asian culture, traditions, way of life and our amazing nature. Some of my favorite tours include cycling and walking tours of Bangkok, trekking and Big Hug elephants in Chiang Mai, visits to the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai, cycling through the countryside around Hoi An, exploring the waterways and villages of the Mekong Delta, cruising Ha Long Bay and of course one of the most impressive highlights of Indochina: the fabulous temples of Angkor Wat.

My motivation

I want your clients to feel the real spirit of the places we visit. My service always includes ways to get in touch with the local people as an important part of the adventure. My motto is “Don’t only think of the destination, half the fun is actually getting there.”

I love to share my experience with your clients. My goal is to create happiness with my service and generate more Thai smiles for all the guests to my country. At the same time, I have a big Thai smile looking forward to going to Holland to meet all the Khiri clients and have a day of fun at the beach.


Vincent De Nys

My Motivation to Become a Tour Leader

From childhood, I was attracted to the mystical Orient and the Asian way of living. I studied Engineering in Commercial Sciences and also obtained a masters degree in Intercultural Tourism Management from the University of Salamanca, Spain. This early attraction directed my career path and now I’m living and working in the travel industry in Asia since 2000.

I have an eternal passion for travelling and discovery and of course a desire to share my rich experience with your clients. After working in Amazing Thailand, I extended my Tour Leader experience with destinations in Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I also started to get intensively involved with Product Management in several of those countries including Thailand.

Asia is a wonderful and magnificent tourism destination which continues to fascinate me. Each destination has its unique highlights and plenty of beautiful and interesting options to offer to your valued clients.

Many of my colleagues and loyal customers consider me a walking encyclopedia with the patience of a saint. I love what I have been doing for the last 16 years and would be proud to be your clients Tour Leader one day. My goal is to make sure that they will look back at their holiday as an unforgettable journey!

The Koning Aap Reward

It felt really good to be selected as the Best Thailand Tour Leader 2016 and being one of the Top 5 Koning Aap Tour Leaders worldwide. Our job in this industry is about the client’s satisfaction in all aspects. We devote a lot of energy to make every tour assignment a success.

Personally, being rewarded for my work gives me a good feeling of self-confidence. I respect that Koning Aap recognized the success of many years of teamwork with Khiri Travel and appreciate the financial compensation they gave me reflecting their satisfaction with my work

My slogan in operating as a quality Tour Leader is “The bacon was involved, but the pig was committed.”One could enjoy nice crispy bacon at breakfast, but do not forget the pig who committed his life to get that bacon on your plate. Simply put, commitment to one’s job is the value behind delivering a quality product.


Congratulations to both of you!

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