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Khiri Travel’s Agritourism Options Across the Mekong Region

April 11, 2013 by Khiri Travel |

Khiri Travel prides itself on four themes: travel for discovery, family focused travel, big highlights done right (such as Angkor or the Grand Palace in Bangkok), and community immersion.

This month we’d like to share with clients the range of great agricultural tourism (agritourism) products available across the Greater Mekong region with Khiri Travel. Khiri likes agritourism because it engages three of our four areas of expertise: community immersion, family friendly travel, and discovery.

Agritourism is one of the fastest growing travel niches in the world. It involves visiting or staying with a rural community and experiencing first hand their daily work, the produce they make, and the village heritage that has evolved over generations.

Good agritourism also has a high educational element. There are many informative insights that give urban and suburban dwellers from the West a much fuller appreciation of the trials, tribulations and rewards of agricultural life in the Mekong region. Immersion in an agricultural tour in the Mekong region can be a humbling experience.

Bean in Vietnam


Frequent country festivals punctuate rural life. Farmers and fishermen celebrate the intimate seasonal links between the monsoon, harvest, the lunar cycle and Buddhist beliefs. (The raucous water festivals across the region in April are but one example).

Friendliness and simplicity are recurring themes. Because it is a harsh life, most visitors come away humbled by the fortitude, resilience and friendliness displayed by their rural hosts.

Expect wonderful food. The freshest produce is all around. Be prepared for some of the most sensational food you will experience in Asia – served in humble surroundings, and all the tastier for it.

Before we head out into he fields and waterways, here is an appetizer, just a few of our recommended agritourism experiences available:

Cambodia:      Lobster catching in Stung Prat/Chi Phat
Laos:                Lao Life & Culture
Myanmar:       The local fishing communities of Maung Shwe Lay and Inle Lake (floating gardens)
Thailand:         A visit to the Jim Thompson farm
Vietnam:          Cat Ba Homestay organic farming

The road less taken leads back to the country where the ‘real’ Asia can be experienced. Travel it well with Khiri Travel.

For more information on agrotourism and bookings, please contact [email protected].

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