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Local Tradition and Hidden Charms of Trang

April 10, 2017 by Khiri Travel |

Trang is a top Thai beach destination plus a lot more. Tour this beautiful province to explore cultural diversity, traditional charm, nature preservation and tasty foods.

Located in the far southwest of Thailand, Trang Province is a great destination for the traveler who is looking to combine leisure time at a quiet beach with some interesting local culture and amazing nature.

Local Diversity

Trang is an attractive town with a mixed cultural heritage of Thai, Chinese and Malaysian influences. Apart from a typical Thai atmosphere, you will find Thai-Chinese temples and shop houses along with Muslim Thai market vendors or food stall owners. Trang is a good example of Thai cultural and religious diversity. It was also the first province introduced to rubber trees and the result can be seen in the present landscape — rubber plantations are everywhere!

Delicious Southern Thai Tastes

Trang is also known for its food. In the morning, people like to start the day with fresh rice noodles topped with spicy curry, rice porridge or Chinese dim sum paired with milk tea or coffee. For lunch and dinner all kinds of typical southern Thai curries are on the menu. All are full of flavor and spice and best eaten with a serving of fragrant jasmine rice. If you prefer something less spicy there is always the famous grilled pork or fried chicken sold all over town.

Trang’s Top Attractions

A convenient way to travel from Bangkok to Trang is by overnight train. Upon arrival at the railway station, your clients can enjoy a local dim sum breakfast before exploring Trang city and the following attractions in the surrounding area:

  • Riding in a frog-shaped tuk-tuk around town to visit the central market and the goods for sale in the Chinese-Thai shop houses.
  • Head up north to the beautiful Chang Hai Cave to see plenty of stalagmites and stalactites in this stunning natural area.
  • Visit the Na Muen Si Textile Store to see weaving techniques and patterns unique to the south of Thailand.

Trang Tour Options

For lunch we take you to a homestay tucked away in a lush mangrove plantation overlooking impressive karst mountains. The owner is famous for his delicious phad thai or fried noodles that he sells in his restaurant in town. Your clients will learn how to make this classic Thai dish at the homestay kitchen and enjoy it for lunch.

To help you digest your delicious fried noodles we finish the day at a walk in the Thung Khai Botanic Garden. Besides the nature trail, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view from the canopy walk.

Historic Legacies

There is also a lot to explore at the other side of Trang town. Take for example the museum of Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi, former governor of Trang, who introduced the rubber trees to Thailand. His house is now open to the public and allows visitors a peek into the life of a wealthy family in the 19th century.

The importance of rubber can be seen everywhere in Trang Province’s numerous rubber plantations. We will also have a brief stop at the very first rubber tree from which all the current plantation trees originated.

Nearby is Kantang with one of the very first train stations in Thailand. The picturesque wooden station is still in use and offers daily train service all the way up north to Bangkok! Your clients can also visit the area of Kantang District where coconut palms cover the riverbanks. This kind of palm is used for several purposes from rolling paper for local cigarettes to woven baskets.

Nature Conservation

Not far away in Trang is a very special community that is dedicated to preservation of the natural environment. It is located between Chao Mai National Park and the village of Ban Nam Rap and covers an area of almost 500 hectares. Starting almost two decades ago, the villagers joined forces to plant mangrove trees and sea grass to restore wildlife habitat in the area. They also grow fish and sea horses for the same purpose.

Our tour continues as we board a long tail boat for a relaxing cruise along the river and through the mangroves. If your clients are up to it, we can take a short climb to a viewpoint looking over the area. We will gage the tide in order to stop at a riverside sand bank to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Best Beaches of Trang

After this mainland exploration it’s time to hit the best attraction of Trang– the beautiful beaches. We will catch another long tail or local ferry and head to one of the bounty of beautiful beaches Trang has to offer. No matter if you choose Koh Muk, Koh Kradan or Koh Ngai (or all three!), you will have a wonderful time enjoying the white sand beaches and clear aquamarine sea.

Recommended places to stay:

Trang town:

  • Na Tub Thieng Hotel: Nice small, boutique hotel, conveniently located in the center of town.
  • Eco Inn Trang: Right in the center, but tucked away from the main road and surprisingly quiet.

Koh Kradan:

  • Kradan Beach Resort: Largest accommodation on the island, but still cozy. Having several room types makes it suitable for all kinds of travelers and budgets.
  • Seven Seas Resort: Top accommodation on the island with swimming pool and comfortable rooms in a nice garden setting.

Koh Ngai:

  • Coco Cottage Koh Ngai: Uniquely decorated bungalows featuring natural materials. The attention to detail, together with the lush garden setting, make this a little piece of paradise
  • Thapwarin Resort: A beautiful, smart and welcoming resort at the end of the beach trip. Suitable for couples and larger families.


For more information on visits to Trang or to make a booking, please contact to [email protected]


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