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Lombok Is a Hot New Destination for Green Tourism

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Get off the Tour Bus and seek out some green tourism, Lombok style, by bicycle or trekking through village plantations and forest waterfalls.

waterfall - Indonesia - Lombok

Travelling to the more remote parts of Lombok Island is what every bold Indonesian tourist seeks. We found two amazing places that fit this month’s theme “Get Off the Tour Bus” that remain relatively unexplored: Sesaot and Bilebante. These communities are looked after by DWH or Desa Wisata Hijau and focus on ecotourism or “green tourism.” Get off the tour bus means they are destinations that are not the easiest places to reach.

It takes about a two-hour drive from Mataram and Senggigi to arrive in the local village where your clients will be treated like VIPs straight away. It’s certainly a day to remember for visitors when the Village Head is there to welcome their arrival. The community, encouraging equal opportunity for men and women, has started a woman’s cooperative program so female villagers can become tour guides to show visitors around their village.

Trekking in Sesaot is not difficult. Your clients can follow the trails through the forest that local villagers use o look after their farms and plantations. The local villagers use about 60% of the land to grow their crops while the remaining 40% of the land is protected to grow naturally. This soft trekking adventure will pass plantations of durian, cacao, coffee, and jackfruit, produce that is stored in community-built storage houses and sold locally.


Trekking to a beautiful waterfall, your clients will meet more villagers eager to offer fresh coconut water and fruit. Sesaot people take pride in being able to source this food from their own land and offer a green tourism outlet to welcome tourists that value the natural environment. The women’s cooperative has also helped local women learn how to make food products from their plantation crops. Your travelers will get to visit these facilities and try candy and chips made from fruit.

990 Lombok goes green

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Bilebante is a village where Muslim and Hindu communities live side-by-side, a cultural mix that is not seen or experienced anywhere else in Indonesia. Cycling through the rice fields and local villages provides a breath of fresh air where your clients can meet and share communication with the locals. Visitors can even have a go helping to make offerings such as woven baskets.

This is a unique experience to see the daily life of the locals that have not yet been introduced to foreign tourism yet.

This trip is a combination of authentic and green tourism experiences with cycling, local interaction, culture and religion. Tourists can get to Bilebante by car, but once there, your clients will have to change to local transport, which is by foot or bike and the best way to experience the uniqueness of this relatively untouched village.

For more information about green tourism opportunities in Lombok and elsewhere in Indonesia, please contact information in the yellow below.


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