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Manager’s Insider Tip: The Other Bagan

July 7, 2015 by Khiri Travel |

Myanmar’s former ancient capital Bagan, known for its 2000+ temples, is definitely a top destination in Myanmar. However, travelers may easily become overwhelmed soaking up all the stories and legends about the golden age of Bagan’s ancient royals. For fun and variety, Khiri Travel Myanmar would like to recommend some alternative tours that travelers may consider to be the best-kept secrets of Bagan and contribute to responsible tourism

Bagan is flat and a perfect place to enjoy some biking to explore some modern history–the Burmese people and their daily lives. Joining a popular mode of Myanmar transport, our day of biking includes a morning visit to a busy market where locals bring their merchandise from across the Ayeyarwaddy River. We then ferry across the wide and wandering Irrawaddy River to Se Lan Village to cycle through vegetable plantations. There is an opportunity to stop and visit cottage industries such as cotton weaving and cane/bamboo workshops and purchase souvenirs directly from the shop owners. After a Burmese lunch in a local Bagan restaurant, and plenty of time for photography and meeting and speaking to some Myanmar people, we return to Old Bagan in the late afternoon by ferryboat.

Additionally, our Bagan jeep safari never fails to impress if travelers are looking for a high-octane kind of adventure. We have 4×4 safari vehicles to navigate us off the beaten path for a Dry Zone safari. With an early start out of Bagan, our first images are the local Myanmar women carrying large loads of firewood to the market as the sun rises behind them. We visit village workshops and see how local people make a living doing blacksmithing, producing cooking oil, carving wooden slippers and making pottery. For only 400 kyats, one can get a haircut in an old-fashioned open-air saloon. These tours are not top secret, only a great chance to see the here and now of central Myanmar.

Edwin Briels

General Manager, Khiri Travel Myanmar

For more information about Bagan temple tours as well as more off the beaten path alternatives such as biking and jeep safaris, please contact [email protected]


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