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Meet Our Team at our Non-Profit Organization, Khiri Reach

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Khiri Reach is a non-profit organization that helps connect people, who seek to champion worthwhile endeavors, with environmental and community development initiatives. Together, our collaboration creates positive change across Asia.

Our goal is to engage our tour operators and travelers: as both parties are integral to the success of Khiri Reach projects. From the tour operator perspective, projects that are incorporated into their itineraries have a unique appeal that embodies the true spirit of sustainable tourism. As the travelers’ contributions directly support the communities that they visit, this collaboration benefits all parties involved. While these projects are set in motion, we help cement meaningful relationships between our sponsors and their beneficiaries: travelers get to experience first-hand the impact their contribution has and meet the people who benefit from their generosity. 

Our Khiri Reach Ambassadors serve as representatives of these ongoing projects at our various destinations. Initially, they will search for meaningful and feasible projects to participate in. While monitoring and supporting their progress, the ambassadors will also provide updates to our donors. Let’s meet our ambassadors!


Waluree in Thailand


My name is Waluree Ninchim or ‘Be’. Being born and raised in Phuket, I’ve developed a deep connection with wildlife and the beautiful emerald color ocean in my hometown. Having joined Khiri Travel in 2013, I consider the team as part of my family and feel truly blessed to help travelers see the beauty of my country. As an avid animal and nature-lover, I’m always an enthusiastic participant in local clean-ups and animal shelters. Working with Khiri Reach, I’m proud of the great projects that help the local Thai communities and the environment. In 2015, I was thrilled when we adopted two Gibbons at Gibbon Rehabilitation Center in Phuket: they’re names are “Lamtthai” & “Tam.” I hope to continue working with those friendly creatures and to be able to work on more conservation projects in the future.


Bunseun in Cambodia

My name is Bunseun and I’m from Banteay, Mean Chey province. Before working with Khiri Reach, I always wanted to help the less fortunate people in rural areas. Living in very poor conditions without access to health care, hygienic restrooms, or proper education: I have been working with grassroots organizations to create lasting change. I’m very happy to volunteer with Khiri Reach, as it gives me the opportunity to meet local people and spread happiness and love while building a better Cambodia.


Su Mon in Myanmar


My name is Su Mon. In Myanmar, I have worked at Khiri Travel developing localized excursions that` empower local entrepreneurs and their communities in various ways. Our partnerships have garnered a lot of positive feedback and support as these experiences are the cornerstone of Khiri Travel Myanmar. I am proud to be part of Khiri Reach as I get to give back to my country’s underprivileged folks to the best of my ability. We need to promote local conservation and environmental sustainability projects to cultivate a healthier and better future. Working together, I believe “the change will come from within all of us.” I am happy to encourage people to join hands while giving them the skills they need to bring about this change.


Tiwi in Indonesia

Hi, everyone! I’m Tiwi from the small island of Sumbawa. Growing up and being exposed to various local languages and different ethnicities, created a full and enriching childhood. After I joined Khiri three years ago, the experience has opened my eyes to be more grateful for what I have around me. I believe being part of Khiri Reach gives me more opportunities to help people in my country. As the Indonesian culture is connected to the earth, each community project helps preserve the local ethnicities, languages, and environment that I hold dear: giving back reinvigorates me to continue spreading more love to my fellow Indonesians. 


Hashanthi in Sri Lanka

My name is Hashanthi Madugalle. I was born in Kandy, the city in the hills, but I have been studying and living in Colombo since I was very small. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the travel industry to explore new places, learn about new cultures, and broaden my horizons. Joining Khiri Travel has been a dream come true and given me the opportunity to do all that I love. Being so fortunate, I really want to give back and make a difference within the less fortunate communities. Working alongside Khiri Reach, I want to support the needs of our local communities by providing them with tools to empower themselves. While we protect our land and natural environment, I hope we can preserve Sri Lanka for future generations.



Ly in Vietnam

My name is Ly and I’m originally from Nha Trang. With its beautiful beaches and coastline, my childhood was filled with beautiful memories of the city and its stunning backdrop. My passion for philanthropy has been nurtured through years of volunteering: I hope I can help at-risk youth have a better future and find themselves too.  By organizing charity events for the homeless, providing career counseling to disadvantaged students and teaching at charitable organizations: I realize that I found myself and my passion through these socially-responsible activities. While working with Khiri Reach, I intend to pursue my passion of helping the disenfranchised. I encourage everyone to try and give back to others: it will enrich your life.


Mie in Laos

I am Mie but you can call me Mimi. I’m very proud to represent Khiri Reach in Laos. As I enjoy spending my free time outdoors, surrounded by clear blue skies, green forests, wild animals, and rivers.  For me, Khiri Reach represents helping people to create a better tomorrow as we protect the local environment and restore our fragile ecosystems. As we continue sustainable development projects in Laotian communities, I have already taken part in some exciting projects, such as the Invasive Species Clean up and Biodiversity Presentation for the International Day of Biological Diversity in 2018. With Khiri Reach, we cleaned up the canal and collected water hyacinth because they were causing problems with the native plants in the water. I am very proud of the work we have completed so far and excited about the new projects in the future. 


For updates on our upcoming projects in 2020, you can visit us at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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