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Mike’s Meander: Why Sri Lanka?

September 20, 2017 by Khiri Travel |

The fact is many travel specialists don’t know much about Sri Lanka. For most American travelers it’s a complete mystery. In many traveler’s minds it’s just a tiny little island nation that may or may not be off the tip of India. What the Europeans have already discovered, and many Americans soon will; It’s a vibrant island packed with every imaginable activity for the all encompassing vacation our client’s crave. Aside from the specialized few American travel agents and tour operators, not many have put much focus on Sri Lanka making now the time to get familiar. Don’t wait until it becomes mainstream, get in now so you have time to make yourself a professional before the secret is out.

The first question people ask is how to get there. It’s very simple and affordable from both the East and West Coast of the United States. From San Francisco or Los Angeles one can easily fly directly to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific making the majority of the journey over and done with in one flight. From Hong Kong one can easily connect with flights directly to Colombo and your client is ready to get started on this dream trip. From the East Coast clients can fly from New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta directly to Dubai where only a 4.5 hour flight stands between client and paradise. Sri Lankan Airlines flies directly into Colombo from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Beijing so the options for one stop flights are endless from either side of the United States.

We are often asked, “When is the best time to travel to a specific destination?”. This is another amazing thing about Sri Lanka. It can honestly call itself a year round destination! At any given point in the year we can find great weather by choosing which side of the island to travel on. Due to two monsoon seasons which are categorized by the North East Monsoon (approx Nov- Feb) and the South West Monsoon season (approx May-Sept) we can always travel elsewhere to avoid the rain. Even in the other months of March, April and November which are referred too as the inter monsoon period, clients can travel in the areas where the monsoon season hasn’t quite started yet or is tapering off. With so few days, rather than months as we see in other destinations being categorized as unadvisable travel periods, this island can happily welcome clients year round.

The small size of the island puts it at a huge advantage over many other destinations because from any point of the island to the other is at maximum 1 days driving distance. Even the longest drive from tip to tip is broken up by the shear natural beauty and multitude of available stops at iconic sites. The drives themselves are even part of the experience. Whether it’s traversing through tea country in the highlands, passing through national parks dotted with elephant crossing signs or admiring the shimmering Indian Ocean on the coast, client’s will be constantly reminded just what a dreamland they are in. Other modes of transportation can really add to the experience as well. Scenic flights on Cinnamon Air allows clients to take in the lush green island from the sky. Traveling by train provides those travelers who yearn for a bygone era to transport themselves back in time as they pass through the surreal mountain scenery of the Central Highlands.

It’s unbelievable what this tiny island is able to contain. From 8 UNESCO World Heritage sites to 22 National Parks and Reserves to White Sand Beaches and some of the most flavorful food found anywhere in the world, it’s only a matter of time before your clients figure it out. To learn more about Sri Lanka please stay tuned for upcoming newsletters where we delve into more specific details, sales tips and educate you on our unique and innovative products within the country.

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