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Mike’s Meanders: Sri Lanka Chapter 4

Here is Khiri North America’s Mike Healy’s 4th blog about Sri Lanka and how our staff there thrives on innovation and demonstrates Khiri’s passion for discovery.

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Khiri Travel is a B2B DMC based in Southeast Asia with over twenty years of experience in the region. The Khiri difference is having knowledgeable, innovative and most importantly, passionate people in our offices and in the field that are dedicated to make it all happen for your clients on the ground. Our goal is to truly connect your client to their destination(s) in a deep and meaningful way. Khiri Travel Sri Lanka excels at taking the best of Sri Lanka’s most captivating sites and putting a unique Khiri twist on the experience. Khiri Travel transforms your client from tourist to traveler in a way that promotes sustainable tourism and authentic interactions for both traveler and local alike.

One example of the amazing way our Sri Lanka team does this is by setting up a private picnic lunch at the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. After a short walking tour, our guide will usher your traveler over to a secluded portion of the fortress grounds. Here in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s most famous UNESCO site and below shaded trees, our team sets up a gorgeous picnic buffet of Sri Lankan delicacies sourced and prepared by friendly local suppliers.

While your client sips from a refreshing coconut, our expert guide will relate the royal backstory of this 5th century ancient temple complex and the origins of Sri Lanka’s famous cuisine! Having foods cooked by a local family amidst the leafy gardens of this UNESCO World Heritage Site blends all the best of Sri Lanka: history, food, culture and lovely local people. Our unique Khiri twist at this destination adds a special touch of local insight– and a chance to fortify your clients before they climb to the top of this massive column of rock!

With a combined 30+ years of experience in the travel industry in Sri Lanka, my colleagues in Colombo are the epitome of what makes Khiri Travel so special. Their deep knowledge of the country and passion for the culture, sites and people give them the skill set to create the perfect trip tailored to each individual client’s travel preferences or your company’s unique brand.

Led by our dedicated and enthusiastic General Manager, Gonzalo Gil Lavedra, the staff are constantly fine tuning, tweaking and revisiting all of our travel experiences so that everything is fresh and set up wonderfully to give your clients the best possible trip to this “Pearl of Asia.” True to form for our Khiri brand, the team does not just rely on selling what has worked in the past, but are constantly on the hunt for the next unique and exciting experience for your clients.

Recently our team has been pondering how we can provide a more adventurous and rustic camping experience at Sri Lanka’s excellent national parks. Almost all accommodations near the national parks are located outside the park boundaries. However, we’ve been working on how to get your clients even closer to nature! After many site inspections and working closely with the local communities and authorities, Khiri Travel has been able to arrange accommodations inside eleven different national parks. For adventurous travelers, this is something totally new and one way your traveler can distinguish Khiri’s products apart from other operators. We thrive on constant innovation, which proudly demonstrates Khiri Travel’s passion for discovery.

A destination needs many things working in unison to make the most memorable experience for your clients. Sri Lanka is blessed with stunning natural scenery, friendly genuine people, delicious food and a deep historical relevance that give it an automatic leg up on other destinations. It’s only right that Khiri Travel Sri Lanka should be just as wonderful. It’s our great passion and enthusiasm for Sri Lanka that allows us to live up to the great expectations for which this country is known.

For more information about our innovative tours of Sri Lanka, please contact to [email protected]

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